About PH & Co

As cross-border legal specialists for businesses and families, PH & Co excels in representing international clients in Korean courts, offering both robust dispute resolution and strategic legal advisory services. Committed to integrity and professionalism, we navigate complex legal landscapes to protect your rights and achieve optimal outcomes. Rely on our expert legal team to provide insightful guidance and safeguard your strategic interests in Korea.

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Who We Are
Guardians of Your Rights

We stand as vigilant guardians of our clients' rights. Our robust dispute resolution capabilities ensure that we do more than advise—we actively protect. We are committed to defending your position, navigating through complex legal challenges to secure the best possible outcomes.

International Legal Perspectives

Business and family matters are increasingly transcending borders, presenting both opportunities and challenges in a globalized world. We specialize in navigating these cross-border legal complexities, ensuring our clients are well-positioned to thrive in the international arena.

Rooted in Integrity and Professionalism

Our practice is grounded in a commitment to integrity and professionalism, where success is measured not by profits or marketing metrics, but by the trust and respect we earn. We are dedicated to providing thorough, principled legal guidance to every client.

Why PH & Co

Our elite team focuses on personalized, end-to-end case management. We handle each case with deep expertise, guiding international clients through the complexities of Korean courts.


we concentrate on our core specialties—cross-border legal issues and strategic legal advisories for businesses and families. This focus allows us to provide exceptional, tailored legal services that meet the unique needs of our clients. 


We maintain a streamlined organization that adapts to the dynamic needs of our clients, enabling us to offer effective legal solutions at a reasonable cost. Our structure is designed to be flexible, reducing overhead and passing these savings on to our clients.

Cross-Border Legal Specialists

for Businesses and Families

About PH & Co

PH & Co is a young corporate & cross-border law firm that breathes and challenges with innovators shaping the future. We provide legal services in a variety of fields including business establishment and operation, overseas expansion, business immigration, international dispute resolution.

Who We Are

Dedication to Entrepreneurship

The leaders of industrial transformation are entrepreneurs who lead startups and SMEs.

PH & Co provides rational and bold legal solutions to drive the challenges and success of entrepreneurs.

Global Perspectives

Borders are no longer constraints or protections for business activities. PH & Co provides exceptional cross-border legal services to enable you to gain an advantage in the global competition.

Commitment to Sustainability

Securing sustainability through technological innovation is a key challenge for humanity as well as the key to corporate success. PH & Co will protect the technological innovation of startups and SMEs and help them respond to ESG issues.

Why PH & Co


An elite group of attorneys with extensive experience in corporate practice and international litigation will directly handle your case from start to finish.


We provide high-quality legal services in our areas of expertise through specialization and concentration.


We present a reasonable legal fee structure by having a nimble and fluid organization.

A Team of
Dedicated Professionals

PH & Co is a young corporate & cross-border law firm that breathes and challenges with innovators shaping the future.


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